Lead your industry with proprietary, breakthrough materials

Saprex Solution Development gives you our full capability, focused completely on your needs while working in partnership together. Using our proven Kinetic Development Methodology focused directly on your challenges, we help you realize what’s possible quicker and more cost effectively. 

We start by discussing all the challenges and what you would like to accomplish. We pride ourselves in attaining a great understanding of your true underlying problem. Through attaining this understanding, we are able to create highly efficient and cost effective solutions. We are a company of applied science - testing various materials and combinations. This allows us to think out-of-the-box while designing your breakthrough product. 

We build prototypes in days, not months or years

Focusing on rapid development, everything we do, we have the ability to do in-house. We stock a wide range of materials and equipment parts. From chemically treating, to sewing a prototype, to testing it – we have it all here at our lab. If we need a new piece of test equipment, we could probably have something up and running tomorrow. 

As your development partner, we promise to listen, be open-minded and ask tough questions for us both.  We will constantly challenge what’s possible, be honest and deliver on our promises.


Material Development

We have the capability of developing your solution from concept generation to material production.


In-house standarized testing as well as the development of custom test equipment for specific analysis.


This includes complete product design, prototyping, manufacturing development and delivery.


Our material expertise spans a wide realm of fiber based materials and composites, chemistry and specialty materials. In terms of extreme environments, we excel in areas where extreme fire, high-heat, physical and chemical risks dominate.