Founded in 2009 and based out of Gastonia, NC, we focus on advancing materials exposed to extreme environments. Our specialty is developing material solutions with our partners that push the limits of what’s possible. We offer everything from concept generation to material production, including in-house standardized testing, even creating our own test equipment when needed. 

With each new partner we start with a fresh sheet of paper. In order to provide you with the best solution, we explore every aspect of your challenge, from the basics to alternative solutions and at times even to another company’s product. At Saprex, we are not tied to any one technology, and truly strive to provide each of our partners with the best solution for their needs.

Our work has produced a number of breakthroughs and we offer a number of unique materials that may solve your challenge’s today. Learn more about our materials.


Bob Goulet

President & Founder

At an early age, I discovered the joy of taking things apart to see how they worked. My dad didn't always share my joy of discovery. Especially when it involved his tools and our lawnmower. In spite of the parental lectures, I never stopped taking things apart and quickly learned how to to put them back together better than they were. My curiosity is just as strong today.

My passion is developing materials that solve problems once seemed unsolvable.… and then turning them into business ideas that generate profitable growth for us and our partners. That’s where Saprex comes in.


3 of our 4 core values are the basis of our name - Saprex.

Sap” - comes from the noun, ‘sapience,’ meaning the ability to apply knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight. We believe that with sapience there is always a better solution to any problem and we are always striving to find it.

r” – is derived from the noun ‘rigorous science,’ defined as the detailed study of a subject in order to discover new information or reach a new understanding. We believe that rigorous science is the foundation of everything we do, as we cannot provide our customers with the best solutions without it.

ex” – corresponds to our commitment to ‘execution’, the culmination of our knowledge and research materialized in a form that best satisfies the clearly defined objectives outlined by our customers.

Our 4th core value is Integrity. Integrity is what we require in all our business interactions, from the way we apply scientific methods to our work, to the manner in which we expect our team members to treat one another, to the way we approach our relationships with our customers and industry partners.  Simply put, integrity guides all of our decisions, approaches and strategies, and is what has been most responsible for our success.