Product Development

Work directly with us to develop custom solutions that solve your toughest challenges

Bulk Material

Purchase material solutions we have already developed, to use in your own products and solutions

Readymade solutions

Purchase from the Saprex line of readymade products, made from our material solutions

We are a small company, intentionally. Remaining small, independent and nimble allows us the freedom to ideate, prototype and produce as quickly as possible. We have implemented our own development process based on the best practices of the rapid product development approach; rapidly researching, developing and scaling advanced material solutions for our clients. We have also developed the systems, facilities and partnerships that allow us to deliver breakthroughs in days or weeks, not months or years. 

We are strategically located in the heart of our network partners

Positioned in the Greater Charlotte Area, we have surrounded ourselves with a diverse group of business and production partners. Our materials development lab location in Gastonia is centrally located to our vast research network and our production partners. Our production partners have a robust industrial base focused on technical and fiber composites, allowing us to do more than what we could on our own. Our networks within these organizations provide us with the latest and most innovative knowledge of both the business and industrial realms.

Through our partnerships we are able to leverage this knowledge base to further accelerate our exponential growth. 

Our Rapid Product Development Approach