Existing high-temperature pipe insulation systems are expensive and other custom products required a custom insulation system for each pipe, resulting in
[ See More ]long-lead times, part specific tooling, numerous SKU’s, and significant inventory.
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A slip-on, high-temperature composite based pipe insulation system that slips on, is easy to manufacture and can handle pipe temperatures above 2000F.
[ See More ] Basically, we built a second composite wall around insulation that is easy to conform and manufacture.
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  • Self-molding
  • Wide Temperature Application
  • No tooling required
  • Easy Installation
  • Minimal inventory
Saprex Axis is an easy to install, self-molding composite based insulation system for pipes. This unique system can be easily customized for pipes that carry fluids from sub-freezing to over 2000F internal pipe temperatures. Similar to pulling on your socks, this system is easy to install and very flexible. After installation, the entire assembly is heated to cure the composite based cover, which completes the process. Because of its highly flexible nature, this system will conform to just about any pipe geometry and allows for variable insulation along the pipe, if desired. As an added benefit, this system’s high degree of conformability will allow you to carry less inventory.

Axis is not only breathable and tough, but also resilient. This system has the ability to handle pipe temperatures above 2000F, as well as the structural integrity to withstand the rigors of water, salt and general wear, overtime.


  • Engine exhaust insulation
  • Industrial Pipe Insulation
  • Custom insulation systems
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