Traditional cut and puncture resistant materials are heavy and stiff, which creates gloves and apparel that are stiff and uncomfortable.


A 3-D material design using a specifically designed yarn to maximize cut, puncture and abrasion resistance while providing a high degree of flexibility.


  • ASTM/CE Level 5 cut and puncheon resistance
  • High levels of abrasion resistance
  • Soft and flexible materials
Saprex Armor™ is one of the most cut and puncture reistance materials available on the market. It has even been adopted by Mechanix Wear under the ArmorCore brand.

Visit Mechanix Wear ArmorCore to learn more about the development.


  • Mechanix Wear Gloves
  • Cut resistant sleeves
  • Cut and puncture resistant apparel
Mechanix Wear ArmorCore Gloves
No Longer Available
ArmorCore Utility Glove
ArmorCore Impact Shield Glove
ArmorCore Extrication Glove

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Saprex Armor Protective Sleeves
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